Managing VC Director @ Pactum Partners in New York City, NY

Pactum Partners

The ideal partner will have significant experience working with Single Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices, or Family Businesses.

Familiarity with direct investments through Venture Capital, Private Equity, or Real Estate. Further experience working with UHNW individuals or families with experience in financial analysis, capital raising, investor relations, or private equity/venture capital.

Variable Compensation


PACTUM PARTNERS was founded on the understanding that sophisticated family offices, aligned through shared missions, visions, and values, would benefit from a partner dedicated to fostering co-investment and peer collaboration.

Family Offices, in ever increasing numbers, leverage their entrepreneurial DNA in the pursuit of direct investments. Offices struggle to review proposed investments due to a lack of trust, experience, staff, and/or time. The challenges, associated with the rise in direct investments, encourage a desire for co-investment with like-minded entities. A misalignment in values and horizons, alongside an environment of high fees, drives family offices from traditional investments in public equities and alternatives. High standards with regards to privacy, discretion, and security further limit potential strategic partners.

We believe that the best long-term partner for family offices are other family offices. Uniquely capable of leveraging their significant shared expertise, capital, and influence, inter-family office partnerships provide an attractive alternative to traditional fund managers by operating with greater control and flexibility without facing limiting time horizons, high fees, and regulatory restrictions. The opportunity for cross-collaboration often presents itself beyond the traditional realm of capital allocation.

With the vision of building an innovative practice, PACTUM PARTNERS, facilitates opportunities for synergistic development between single-family offices

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