Chief of Staff @ XYZ Ventures in New York City, NY

XYZ Ventures

XYZ is an early stage venture capital fund focused on serving founders. The pace of early stage investing requires a rapid response in order to be respectful of founders time; sector expertise to get the most out of real time discussions when meeting founders; and a comically rapid response to support companies where we’ve invested. This is work we love here at XYZ and reflects the more intimate partnership we have, we seek to earn with founders, and the people in our network. 

Partners doing this work well requires help to scale. That’s why we are hiring a Chief of Staff to work with Ross Fubini and help us serve founders better. This role will touch every part of the venture ecosystem from fundraising to firm building, investing to founder support.. A candidate needs to have both an interest in learning the business of venture and supporting founders. The exact responsibilities will form around the right candidate as a member of the team here at XYZ, however this person will focus on communication (written and verbal), detailed follow up, market diligence, planning, and resourcefulness.

Every person who works at XYZ should expect their career to be accelerated because of the ownership of clear work products, high expectations, quality of companies and people in the network, and active support through all your future career endeavors. We expect this to be a minimum 2-year position, which will give candidates an in-depth introduction to VC and critical exposure to all elements of the business. The next step in your career could be starting a company, taking on an investment role within XYZ (or externally), or an operator role at an early stage company. We want this to be a career defining experience.

Responsibilities Include

  • Managing and tracking new investment opportunities

  • Managing and tracking relationships and communication within the community and Ross’ network

  • Conducting research and investment diligence

  • Initiating and leading special projects (building internal products and programs, research deep dives, etc.)

  • Managing and processing email communication

  • Managing partner projects and events

  • Overseeing schedule priority and contact management in partnership with a full time executive assistant

While you are in this role it is not expected that you source companies. Rather, you will work with Ross to help review, analyze, and prioritize existing deal flow, as well as organize and execute diligence.

This is a unique opportunity in which individuals from many backgrounds could be a strong fit. Here are just a few examples of profiles we think could be great:

  • An aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn the ins and outs of venture and get an inside look into company building.

  • A former operator who is intellectually curious about new technologies and obsessed with startups.

  • A project manager who thrives in ambiguity and creates systems and processes that allow for scale.

We believe the strength of our team comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We hope to meet with candidates with at least 2 years of working experience. We are open to a wide range of experiences to find the best candidate who can thrive in working together with Ross and Team XYZ.

How to Apply

To apply, please submit your resume and your answers to the following prompts:

  • What is your email address?

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Current Job Title

  • Current Employer

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Twitter Handle

  • Other Relevant Profiles (Angellist, GitHub, Blogs, etc…)

  • You identify as:

    • Race

    • Gender

  • 1-3 sentences about you.

  • Where do you currently live and are you willing to relocate to the Bay Area?

  • Prior VC or Investing Experience?

  • Highest Level of Education

  • Years of Work Experience

  • Did someone refer you?

    • If so, who?

  • Please pick a current XYZ portfolio company and create a diligence plan on how you would have evaluated the seed round. You can view companies in the XYZ portfolio here: