Chief of Staff @ Planet 9 in Remote

Planet 9 Studio

Planet 9 is looking for a problem solver, “get it done” Chief of Staff to join our core startup-studio team that is trailblazing the path for neurodiverse children, teens & young adults to become the best that they can (& want) to be and enjoy the thriving life journeys they deserve.

About Planet 9 Studio

We created Planet 9 to reimagine the path of neurodiverse, young humans to unleash their potential, achieve their goals in life, and have thriving & fulfilling life journeys. Our disruptive, consumer-driven approach is uniquely set to create innovative solutions at a scale that is orders-of-magnitude larger than anything seen before, and to deliver a life changing impact on the lives of neurodiverse young humans and the entire ecosystem surrounding them.

Leveraging the sizable funding round we have secured, we will incubate and scale startups that harvest the power of technology and Artificial Intelligence to deliver innovative solutions (products, services, tools & more) to neurodiverse young humans, their families, and other key influencers in their lives across a variety of life dimensions, including health, social wellness, education & employment.

Why a Startup Studio

The reason we created a startup studio and not just one startup company is two fold. The first is simple – the consumer pain points in the markets we are serving are vast and unfathomable yet the solutions to address them are few and far between. We have a robust (and growing!) pipeline of “ideas” – acute customer pain points we’ve identified paired with a treasure trove of technology-driven solutions to address them that will most effectively come to life by building multiple companies, not just one.

The second is to avoid the very high failure rate (+90%) of young startups. As a startup-studio, we can reduce these high failure-rates as we act in essence like a womb by providing for all the essential needs of the “unborn” seed “ideas”- customer problem-solution pairs. We nurture these disruptive ideas from day one to a successful launch and continue to support our startups post launch as they grow and scale. Our one-of-a-kind team of experienced entrepreneurs and technologies has mastery in the startup creation process and we are continuously enhancing and scaling it and we have investors who are co-founders who provide “built-in” frictionless access to funding.

About the Role

This role provides a unique opportunity to be a senior leader in a team that builds disruptive new startups from the ground up that will have an undeniable impact on the lives of neurodiverse humans. In this role, you will lead Planet 9’s studio operations across a broad range of functions, helping us build the studio from all the big details to the little ones.

What You Will Do

  • Lead, manage & support the Studio’s operations function across a variety of domains including people, recruiting, finance, legal, facilities, admin, vendor management, and more, working closely with Planet 9’s CEO.

  • Define Planet 9’s operational needs across all relevant operational functions with an initial focus on the Studio’s early stages of building, then expanding to growth & scaling stages.

  • Map the resources required to support Planet 9’s operational functions per its defined needs, leveraging an agile and scrappy mindset, while still providing proper and reliable support.

  • Act as a “player-coach”, both working directly and leveraging other resources as needed including outsourced support (contractors, vendors etc.)

  • Support Planet 9’s recruiting efforts by sourcing talent (FTE, PTE, contractors etc.) for all key roles.

  • Lead the Studio’s People function, including creating and managing our employee onboarding process, including benefit and payroll.

  • Manage key subscriptions/accounts for the Studio such as Google Workspace, LinkedIn and Zoom.

  • Work closely with the studio’s cross-functional team and ensure we are providing adequate support across the studio’s functions.

  • Recruit and build a small yet powerful operations team as needed after 6-9 months in the role balancing scrappiness and the need to scale.

  • Take ownership for all the little details that we need to get done at this early stage of the studio.

About You

  • You have an endless drive and innate need to learn new things, challenge yourself and make an impact.

  • You are a fast learner with passion and experience in being self-taught and gaining relevant, practical expertise that is needed to do your job well.

  • You get things done and solve problems no matter what it takes.

  • You can go deep and be detail oriented, without losing the big-picture.

  • You thrive in a fast-paced, ambiguous environment and like to juggle many priorities at the same time.

  • No task is too small for you to take on – you are willing to roll up sleeves and get into the weeds if that is needed to get stuff done.

  • You are able to work autonomously and are not afraid of doing something for the first time.

  • You are a team player who can work collaboratively and gain their team’s trust.

  • You are an effective communicator with both executive leaders and junior team members.

You Should Have

  • Minimum of 8-10 years experience in a leading operational role.

  • Experience at a startup or an early-stage business in a senior yet hands-on operations role, managing a variety of operational domains.

  • Experience in managing complex projects and designing new processes.

  • Experience in building and leading a team.

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