CFO @ Salkantay Ventures in Lima, Peru

Salkantay Ventures

Salkantay Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on Peru and the Andean region that partners with spectacular Latin American entrepreneurs to build ambitious and innovative ventures that are bridging the region’s gaps in access to critical products and services.

We are a small and dynamic team, passionate about technology and positive impact. We are looking for a highly motivated person with experience in finance and financial operations.

Main Roles / Responsibilities:

Fund and GP Company operations management:

  • Responsible for financial operations of the current fund and the General Partner (GP), and any future funds and SPVs.
  • Lead and perform risk management, internal reporting, external reporting, cash management and payments, accounting and financial statements, portfolio valuations, tax and compliance, external audit, and key service provider relationships for the fund and the GP.
  • Lead and perform administrative responsibilities for GP: HR and talent, legal, technology and office management.
  • Provide strategic support to firm leadership and investment team and lead the finance function to ensure quality, speed, innovation, flexibility and excellent client service.

Investor relations and fundraising:

  • Collaborate and coordinate with partners and outside counsel on LP relations, diligence, and other fundraising matters.
  • Responsible for quality, content, accuracy, and timelines of all financial reporting material issued to investors.
  • Work closely with partners to provide updates to investors on portfolio and fund progress.
  • Tracking and compliance associated with investor side letter requirements.
  • Contribute to preparation of fundraising materials.
  • Support financial and operational due diligence of existing and prospective LPs.
  • Support negotiation process with existing and prospective LPs.

Financing and exits:

  • Supervise maintenance of cap tables and waterfalls.
  • Supervise, review and manage fund internal processes related to portfolio companies (ie: cash disbursements to portfolio companies, closing books, custody of stock certificates).
  • Function as a resource to legal on term sheets and financing documents related to exits, if necessary.
  • Work with partners, venture partners, outside counsel on merger agreement reviews ad payout schedules, including tax implications / alternative structures.
  • Work with partners, venture partners and outside counsel on distribution committee meeting preparations, post-closing milestone tracking, dispute resolution, and portfolio company wind-ups.

Professional qualifications:

  • Desirable prior experience as a CFO, with experience in international investment and deep knowledge of partnership and venture accounting and tax issues.
  • Comfortable and confident interfacing with senior leadership on a frequent basis.
  • Expertise in portfolio company valuations, accounting, legal structures and tax matters.
  • Experience preparing financial reporting packages.
  • High level of comfort in reading and interpreting legal documents (LPAs, operating agreements and other legal documents).
  • Demonstrated ability to run a high performing service organization and completing projects in a demanding, dynamic, results-oriented fast-paced environment.
  • Demonstrated experience as a leader; ability to develop and motivate teams.
  • Experience managing relationships with external partners, vendors, and service providers. A broad existing network is a plus.
  • Demonstrated strong foundations of process orientation and quantitative decision making.
  • Demonstrated aptitude as a fast learner of new skills and knowledge and a strong aptitude for using state-of-the-art Saas apps for info sharing and communications.

Personal Attributes:

  • Collaborative, flexible, and team-oriented – prioritizes the firm above individual accolades.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Analytical, data-driven with tremendous attention to detail.
  • Clear communicator presenting information concisely and effectively to a variety of audiences.
  • Able to think strategically but take a hands-on approach to operations and solving problems.
  • Able to execute on cyclical goals while operating in a fast-moving environment with many ad hoc needs; able to pivot to short-term demands while maintaining long-term focus.
  • Comfortable with change and ambiguity.
  • Able to distinguish necessary processes from excessive complexity. A simplifier not a complicator.
  • Committed to a high standard of business and personal ethical behavior.

*Years of work experience: 5-7 years in similar positions of responsibility.